Top 5 things to do in Guadeloupe

The butterfly-shaped island Guadeloupe offers a lot of fun, relaxing and adventurous activities for anyone interested in visiting the Caribbean. Here are my highlights from my trip in November 2015:

  1. La plage de Grande Anse
    La plage de Grande Anse is the biggest of the many public beaches in Guadeloupe and a popular site for the locals. Nevertheless, because of its size it doesn’t get crowed and you will easy find the perfect spot to spread out your towel and enjoy the breathtaking atmosphere.Le  Grande Plage
  2. La Soufrière
    Situated in the south of Guadeloupe you can find the volcano La Soufière which at its highest point of 1,457 m. As the name indicates, the still active stratovolcano produces a smog of sulfur which gives the place a mysterious touch… as well a scent of rotten eggs. However, hiking up the top is a great workout and during clear days you’ll be able to see the capital Basse-Terre.20151125 (1).JPG
  3. Deshaies
    Ever watched the BBC series “Death in Paradise”? Then you’ll feel at home in the sleepy town of Deshaies on the northwest coast. Here one can enjoy a cold beer and hot meal at the various bars and restaurants, send a postcard home to a loved one or shop for souvenirs in the small shops. Historical sites such as the cemetery and the church is worth a visit.20151123 (48)
  4. Seafood
    Guadeloupe isn’t just sugar canes, bananas and cocoa. The marine life in the archipelago contributes a great deal to the French-inspired, Guadeloupean kitchen and if you’re into seafood you’ll be able to try several kinds of fish all in various colors. Make sure to try it with the west Indian sauce de chien!
  5. Pointe des Châteaux
    At the very west point of the island is the peninsula which extends to the Atlantic Ocean. Here the winds are strong and therefore a popular place for kite surfing. If doesn’t want to head out among the strong waves it’s a perfect place for a strolling and enjoying the sunset.20151126 (89).JPG

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