Asperö – where the crabs live

When I first moved to Gothenburg in order to start my college studies the housing shortage was a fact and I had to think outside of the box. With a bit of luck and a few e-mails later I managed to rent a small vacation home at Asperö Island in the Southern Archipelago. Unfortunately, I was only able to rent it part of the year and therefore later moved to my current flat, but the short period of my life as a islander (or crab as we Asperö-islanders like to call ourselves) taught me a great deal and I do miss this beautiful place every day.

Asperö is the first stop on ferry line 283 and therefore only a 15 minutes boat ride from Saltholmen (35 minutes from Gothenburg central station, tram 11 – black line). During the working days of the week, express buses depart from the city center which makes commuting to the southern islands a piece of cake, most of the times.

20160117 (166).JPG

On the island there is smaller bathing place with a bridge, a kiosk and changing rooms. Nevertheless, there are various cliffs all over the island perfect for sunbathing, you just have to branch off a meter of two from the walking trail that goes around the island. When you feel tired of relaxing you can always walk up to my personal favourite spot, the lookout point Valen (“The Wale”). Here you’ll be able to get a perfect view of the whole island, as well the neighbouring ones, Brännö and Köpstadsö, and of course the Port of Gothenburg where you’ll most certainly spot a majestic cargo ship.


Useful links:
Travelplanner for trams, buses and boats in Gothenburg –!/en/
Useful information about the various islands in the Southern Archipelago (Swedish only) –





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