Davos Klosters

Ever been to the Alps? If not, make sure to plan a visit this upcoming winter! I had never been either so when a group of people at the university I’m studying at was organizing a trip down to Davos in Switzerland, I was keen to get on that bus.

The Alps is Europe’s biggest mountain range system and stretches across eight countries. Europe’s second highest peak can also be found here, Mont Blanc with its 4,808 meters. A lot of small, idyllic villages is situated in the valleys were people mainly live of tourism during the winter months (however, hiking and biking in the alps are becoming more popular) but also of agriculture, woodwork and cheesemaking.

Davos (1)
The Swiss Alpes an early morning.

From Gothenburg we got on buses operated by Rollin’ Snow which took us all they way down through Denmark and Germany to Davos Klosters. Since so many of us was going we all had to split up into different hostels, nevertheless due to the very accessible bus transportation system it was never a hassle to get you, your friends and your gear to various of places in town and the different slopes.

In total there are six different areas, all connected with buses and some with trains. I recommend you to try the train at least once because you get such a wonderful view of the mountain range and it kind of feels a bit Swiss to do, haha! Transportation was all included in our ski passes, but please doublecheck before you get on the train or bus, since some operates out to different zones.

Davos (5)
Early morning in Davos.

The two areas I found was the best was Jakobshorn and Parsenn. Those two includes the most slopes as well mainly red and black slopes which is great for experienced skiers. Jakobshorn also offers freestyle jumps which will suit the brave skier. Nevertheless, if you not that experienced go to Madrisa. Two of my friends went and they said it’s perfect for new skiers and have a lot of activities for young family members.

During our visit in the end of January the weather was fantastic and it was never crowded to go in the lifts. A lot of cable cars are used, which reduces the queues, and if you never gone in one before do not fear, they’re very easy to go in and out of.

Davos (3)
Cabel car.

In Parsenn there are a lot of different restaurants to choose from, nevertheless I do recommend to bring your own packed lunch since Switzerland is very expensive. Most importantly you can then just enjoy the view wherever you prefer in the slope! However, if you don’t feel like making something of your own, take slope no. 21 all the way down to central Klosters. It’s a gorgeous, long slope and while down in the valley you can find many really nice and cozy cafés. Later, you can catch a 20-minute train ride back to Davos to continue going down those amazing slopes.

Davos (2)
After-ski next to a slope in Parsenn.

More information about Klosters can be found at – http://www.davos.ch/en/.




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