Kattegattleden: Västra Frölunda to Kullavik

The weather in Gothenburg this past week have been extremely dull (and I’ve lived in UK!) but today the sun finally came back. I was then reminded that the Swedish summers are absolutely stunning; colorful, blooming wild flowers everywhere, comfortable temperatures and eternal sun (well, summer solicits was last week but it won’t set until 22:30 at least).

To celebrate the nice weather I decided to do so some “backyard” exploring and got up on my bike and Kattegattleden. It’s a bicycle route which stretches along the west coast of Sweden from Helsingborg to Gothenburg, a total length of 370 km. I happen to live just next to the last phase, and from Västra Frölunda to Kullavik it’s about 13 km of great bicycle path. Most parts are recently asphalted and have been made wider, so its possible for bikers to meet in each direction as well for joggers, dog walkers and rollerblading teenagers to exercise.

As you bike along you’ll find a lot of interesting sites along the way, so I highly recommend you to bring your camera, a picnic basket and you bathing suit and make it a half/full day event. At Hovås Kallbadhus there is a nice, sandy beach where you can go for a swim or just relax. Next to it is Gothenburg Golf Course, which looks like fun (I’m not a golfer myself) and you’ll be able to view the sea and coast while you play. Further down south is Stora Amundön and I’ve yet not visited it. Nevertheless, I’ve heard that there should be some great cliffs, beaches and snorkeling areas there. Will definitely make a visit later this summer and of course let you know about my experience.

Bike ride (1)
Hovås Kallbadhus
Bike ride (2)
Stora Amundön

During this section of Kattegattleden you’ll also be able to see many beautiful houses (well, I should say mansions because they all come with a price tag and no regular Volvo:s are parked on the street) and vacation homes. Some are really old and are fine examples of early Swedish architecture, while other are newly build and would suit just as well in a beach town in California.

If you’re not a biker like me, you can always take the bus from Central Gothenburg which stops at the locations I’ve mentioned. Take the pink express line toward Billdal or bus number 82 towards Brottskärr, and the ride is 45 minutes tops.

Want to know more about Kattegattleden, check out their official website at kattegattleden.se/en/. The site is in Swedish, English and German.


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  1. laurencecyl says:

    Looks amazing! I hope to visit Sweden one day!


    1. It’s a fantastic bike trail. Definitley add Sweden on your bucket list!

      Liked by 1 person

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