The beauiful scenery of Lake Bunyonyi

While gorilla trekking in Uganda, we camped at Bunyonyi Overland Resort which is just by Lake Bunyonyi and offers beautiful scenery. The Resort has several cabins and rooms to rent but if you’re traveling on a budget it’s possible to put up your own tent on the lawn like we did. They’ve also got a bar, laundry service, a small online café as well canoes for rent so you can explore the lake from the best possible view.

Lake Bunyonyi (1).JPG
Bunyonyi Overland Resorts

Part of my tour with African Travel Company (ATC) was a visit at the local orphanage and school called Little Angles. The founder, Duncan Musinguzi, picked us up one afternoon and when taking us there he also showed us his favourite spots of the lake.

We stopped at one turquoise painted house where apparently the oldest lady in the whole village lived; Freya 94-years old. Freya loved tourist and showed us her crops and handmade baskets. She was also determined to find a suitable girlfriend to Duncan and decided to inspect us girls very carefully aka. she would touch every inch of your body, haha! Nevertheless, apparently was I one of the best ones she had ever “felt” and that I would be a perfect African wife; strong and beautiful. Such a funny and sweet lady! While she was at it she also had some fun herself inspecting the men in our group (she was particularly fond of the ones with big beards).

At the orphanage we go the chance to meet the kids, tell a little about ourselves and participate in one of the classes. We also played around with them at the school yard and the girls started to braid my hair, which I totally get since blond, straight hair isn’t the norm here. I also talked to the volunteers there and I would love to come back at some point and help out. They do truly fantastic work there and I would love to be a part of the organisation and learn more about Uganda. If you want to know more about the orphanage, please see: or their Facebook page.

Afterwards we got hold of some locals in the village who took us by boat to the different islands. We visited a church, an agriculture and science based high-school and a few villages. The landscape is truly beautiful and I definitely recommend hike some of those hills to get a view over the lake.


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