The lake of the flamingo

Always been amazed about pink birds with long necks who likes to balance on just one leg? Well, if you don’t want to go to South or Central America to spot one, you can always visit Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. This parked opened in the 1960’s and originally included just the lake which is a popular spot for flamingos and other birds. During my visit in March it hardly weren’t any flamingos around, but our guide Susan said that during high season the lake is usually all covered with them and from the view-point, Baboon Cliff, the lake looks pink.

Lake Nakuru National Park (2)
Down by the shore.
Lake Nakuru National Park (5)
View of the lake at Baboon Cliff.

Nonetheless, during recent years the park has expanded and now includes parts of savannah where you’ll be able to see two kinds of different rhinoceros; black and white. They’re very similar but it’s possible to tell them apart if one takes a closer look at the mount. Black rhino is also called hook-lipped rhinoceros, while the white rhino is called square-lipped.

Lake Nakuru National Park (3)
A rhino with birds on its back eating bugs and tics.

In the park you can also see impalas, warthogs, zebras, buffalos, baboons and leopards. We weren’t lucky to spot a leopard (that didn’t happen until we went to Serengeti, Tanzania and South Luangwa National Park, Zambia), but we did however see a dead antelope which had been dragged up in a tree by one. Apparently leopards do that if they’ve meat left after feeding and have no troubles eating it a few days old, in comparison to the cheetah who wants its meat fresh therefore have to hunt every day.

Lake Nakuru National Park (4)
Buck of some sort.
Lake Nakuru National Park (8)
Impalas and zebras.

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