St. Louis, MO – the Gateway to the West

St. Louis was to me a nice surprise when driving down the Great River Road in 2015. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the city and when researching it I couldn’t find any particular landmarks worth a visit, except perhaps the Gateway Arch. Nevertheless, when arriving in July last year I knew from the second we drove into the center that I would love it here.

We stayed at the Missouri Athletic Club and this place was the first surprise. As we entered trough the sliding doors I first thought we’re in the wrong building and instead stumbled upon a museum of some sort. All over the walls of the lobby where paintings of beautiful landscapes and old photographs of the Lou dating back to the 19th century. Vases with marvelous bouquets were placed all over the room and the nearby cigar room (!), as well sculptures, so my head went straight to my younger brother. However, he had luckily   already figured out that if he would break anything, no allowance from mum and dad wouldn’t be paid out within the next few years, so his hands were placed in his pockets without me reminding him. Despite the fancy interior, restaurant and dress code it actually was quite cheap for a big double room and we very much enjoyed out stay here.

Due to our tight schedule we only had a day and a half in St. Louis. During the evening we walked down to the Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse. Both beautiful building, and the Arch is impressive. Wherever you’re in the city you’ll see it, but there are signs all over that will lead you there. At the time the park around the arch was under renovation, but a nice day I bet it’s a prefect spot for a picnic.

GRR Part 2 (5)
The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. South Illinois the background.

Dinner we had at Caleco’s Bar and Grill, which serves great italian food as well burgers. They were busy, but we didn’t have to wait too long to order and while waiting the miniature locomotive, which runs on rails up in the ceiling, kept us entertained.

After dinner we walked down to the Busch Stadium. Even if you ain’t a baseball fan the arena is a pretty sight and around will find plenty of bars and restaurants. I would love to go back at one point and see a Cardinals game, since they unfortunately weren’t playing that night. In front of the stadium there is also a memorial of past players, which consist of beautifully designed players in action.

Not to far from the stadium is the Citygarden which I definitely recommend to visit. It’s an outdoor art exhibition park with modern sculptures and installations. They’re really cool to look at and when walking there this particular hot, night we saw bunch of kids playing around, laughing in the fountain, situated in the center of the park.

The next day we drove to Missouri Botanical Garden, which is one of the best gardens I’ve visited in the United States. At the time they had Chinese Lantern Festival, so the whole garden was decorated with huge lanterns and light installations. The gardens themselves were also gorgeous, and I recommend you to spend more than a half of a day here.



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