Nashville, TN

One of our detours while driving down the Great River Road in 2015 was a two day stay in Tennessee. One day was spent in Nashville and the other one driving around this beautiful state with a quick stop in Lynchburg – home of Jack Daniels whiskey (separate article will be posted shortly).

My dad and I are both big music fans, so to finally to visit the Music City was a big deal. Of course the Country Hall of Fame was our first stop on the itinerary and it didn’t let us down. First of all, just entering the building was such a comfort since it was 103°F/39°C outside and the air condition at this place was working perfectly. Because of the hot weather it was a lot of people around and during the first exhibition, there were unfortunately a lot of queues. Nevertheless, as the halls were getting bigger as well more of, it thinned out with people.
The museum is chronically set up and therefore doesn’t cover just modern pop country artist, but also fantastic musicians singing genres such as bluegrass, soul, gospel etc. Every exhibition includes informative and short text presenting the artist including some personal items such as Dolly Parton’s stage clothes, Neil Young’s guitar and suede jacket etc. Also there is plenty of singles and records to listen to, so make sure to clear a half day in your schedule when visiting. At the end of the museum is the actual Hall of Fame with stones of various artist, bands, songwriters, radio hosts and producers who in some way have made a contribution to the American country music history.

After visiting we bought lunch in one of the many food trucks parked just outside. That day, the concert hall nearby was hosting a convention so a lot of tourist were in Nashville this particular day. However, my guess is that at least one truck is parked outside every day. Another neighbor to the museum is the home area of the Nashville Predators. If you’re an ice hockey fan you defiantly should get some tickets, but if there’s no game like when we visited, the gift shop is just as fun. My youngest brother is a supporter and one of his favorite memories of Nashville was the gift shop full with stuff all in yellow and blue.

Next we visited the Tennessee State Museum just by the capitol. An very old museum, but there were some cool stuff there such as an exhibition about the first settlers in the state as well an exhibition with uniforms of the various police forces in the US from as early as the beginning of the 20th century.

Finally, the evening was spend walking down the busy Broadway. Here you can do your shopping of brand new cowboy boots and hat, get some really good food but of course beer and listen to some amazing live performances. Almost every bar has some musician playing on the guitar every night.

GRR Part 3 (12)
Cycling bar.
GRR Part 3 (11)
Live music at a bar.

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