Climbing the Table

The first thing you’ll spot with your eyes when arriving in Cape Town is Tabel Mountain. With its elevation of 1084 meters, The Table give you a magical look of the city.

Most tourist choose to go up the top using the cable way (tickets are R135 one way,  round-trip is R255) but I dare you to make the climb, because the experience of that stunning view at the top, knowing you where the one who took you there, is phenomenal.

There are two tracks you can choose between once you’ve decided to make this hike; one shorter which takes about 1.5 hours and a longer one which is estimated to take twice the time. The shorter is however far more steep and some friends told me that it was so elevated at some parts that they needed to climb on each others shoulders in order to keep advancing. This is probably not entirely true, but as we say in Sweden “short routes are delay-routes“. Anyhow, me and my hiking buddies Miriam and Anne had the whole day off so we figured the longer track would suit us just fine and we did the climb in 2.5 hours.

Just starting out the hike.

The first 40 minutes of the hike were easy, despite the narrow path. It went up and down following the landscape, and a lot of local track runners where running their morning jog.
Nevertheless, after about an hour things started to get real and tough. The path was now made up of rocks which in a way formed stairs up along the mountain’s sides. Some parts had ropes or metal handles screw into the stone, which made it easier to pull oneself up during the steeper sections. Here we also started to catch up with other hikers; some resting in the shade, others walking down again (or cheaters who took the cable up and walked the climb downhill) passing encourage phrases such as “Only 30 more minutes” or “Keep going!”.

Roughly 40 minutes before arriving at the top.

Miriam had brough some fresh fruit with her, well one banana, that we shared while leaning to the cold stone walls in order to cool down. Despite the fact that we started our climb early, the sun still burned our fair skin. At this point we were also out of water, but luckily a group of young Americans passed by and gave us half a bottle.

After the 15 minute break we went at it again, and not long thereafter I started to feel a cool breeze – we where now at the top.

Finally at the top.

The view was simply incredible. And I bet it was more spectacular than usual just because of the fact we hiked the whole way up. Everywhere I looked I could see the blue ocean and most Southern coasts of Africa. I also spotted unique flora growing in cracks as well birds and rodents hiding in bushes.

View from Table Mountain.
Devil’s Peak.
Cape Town.
Signal Hill.

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