The Smoke that Thunders

The Victoria Falls, a natural border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World (together with Aurora Borealis, Grand Canyon, Parícutin Volcano, Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest and the Great Barrier Reef) and I was lucky to visit this majestic waterfall when traveling through Eastern Africa in 2015.

Victoria Falls is not the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world, but it is the largest. With a length of more than two kilometer and height of over 350 meters, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. The water level reaches its peak in April, and since I visited in the end of March, I can confirm that this waterfall got some serious power! More than 500 million cubic liters of the Zambezi River are estimated to run down the edge every minute during flooding season, so you can imagen the sound and the mist this beauty creates.

The Victoria Falls

With three other girls on the trip, we walked from our camp down to the park’s entrance around lunchtime. The entrance fee is 30 USD (which is the official currency), but just like most places in Zimbabwe it’s also possible to pay using South African rand, pound Sterling and sometimes also euros. Just be aware that your change might not always be in the same currency as you originally paid with. Once I got both dollars, rands as well euros back after buying ice cream at the supermarket.

Together, we trekked the designated path on the Zimbabwe side of the falls. The trail is paved and therefore accessible to anyone. However, it can be slippery at times but there is nothing to fear since it situated a safe distance from the edge. Some parts are nearer to the rim though, so there is an option to get a closer look but please make sure to wear a raincoat or a wind jacket, because you’ll get wet! I was soaked after my visit. Nevertheless, you’ll dry up quickly once you get out in the sun – but your camera gear might not.

Close up of the waterfall.
Crystal enjoying the cool mist.

For adrenaline junkies (such as the truck’s very own Jaclyn “Jack”) Victoria falls is also the perfect place for trying out extreme activities such as zip lining over the gorge, swing across the edge like 90’s movie character George of the Jungle or why not do a bungee jump by the iconic Victoria Falls bridge? One jump, but you can later brag about bungee jumping in two countries.

View from the Lookout Café.
Ziplines across the rim.
Bungee jump at the Victoria Falls Bridge.

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