Horseshoe Bend, AZ

When originally planning my trip to Arizona, I knew that the Horseshoe Bend just had to be one of the stops, because I simply feel in love with the place while browsing through Pinterest. Even if we where supposed to fly out of Las Vegas and going to Page would take us way off our route to the Grand Canyons, I convinced Emma that we just had to make the drive out. Since the Antelope Canyon is situated as well in Najavo country, there were simply nothing indicating that this wasn’t worth the long drive. I can now gratefully say that it was worth every single extra mile.

The Horseshoe Bend is situated south of Page, AZ about 20 minutes drive. There is no chance you’ll miss it when driving down (or up, if you’re driving from Flagstaff), you’ll see the crowded parking lot (especially around sunset). The walk out to the actual bend is short (1.5 miles/2.4 km round-trip), basically just up a sandy hill and then down through the desert landscape.

Walking from the parking lot to the Horseshoe Bend

The viewpoint offers a spectacular 270-degree view of the Colorado River, as it enters the Grand Canyon. Keep in mind though that sandstone is a sedimentary rock, that is, a rock with layered structure. This makes it (despite it “stacks-stable” appearance) in some places brittle, so be sure to keep an eye on where you put down your feet and be aware that parts may look different from different angles. My guess is that the view from down the canyon is not as pretty as it is from the top. Remember that no picture is worth risking your safety for.

View of the Horseshoe Bend.
Emma enjoying the view of the Colorado River.
(Sort of) 270 degree view of the Colorado River.

As always with sites like these, my photos won’t do the place justice. It’s however absolutely gorgeous and despite the many tourists around me (focusing too much on posing for selfies in high-end clothes instead of taking in the impressive  scenery), I feelt at ease while sitting on a block of sandstone looking out over the canyon.

While relaxing on the rocks I came to think of a quote from the movie “Wild” starring Reese Witherspoon. Her character’s mother says in one scene: “There is a sunrise and a sunset for every day. It’s up to you if you’re going to be there or not”.

Well, I’m glad I took the time and saw the sunset that day.



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